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Many new homeowners feel the need to cleanse their new space of any lingering energies from past occupants. This practice, known as house cleansing, is believed to help create a positive and welcoming environment. Here are some common rituals new homeowners perform to…
Each town within the Triangle presents unique characteristics and opportunities for prospective homeowners, investors, and businesses.

Fostering a pleasant and cooperative relationship throughout the real estate transaction can make a significant positive difference.

Your equity grows as you pay down your loan over time and as home prices climb. And thanks to the rapid home price appreciation we saw in recent years, you probably have a whole lot more of it than you realize.
With more free time and a desire for an active lifestyle, many baby boomers are seeking communities tailored to their needs and preferences. In response to this demand, 55+ active adult communities have flourished, offering an array of amenities and lifestyle options. In…
You may have heard headlines in the news lately about agents in the real estate industry and discussions about their commissions, regarding the NAR settlement. And if you’re following along, it can be pretty confusing because the information in the media early on was…
Even in a hot market where there are more buyers than houses available for sale, buyers aren't going to pay attention to a home with an inflated asking price.
While the love of beautiful homes may initially attract individuals to the real estate industry, it is the intricate process of listing and selling properties that distinguishes it as a professional career. From market analysis and presentation to marketing strategies and…
Think of equity as a simple math equation. It's the value of your home now minus what you owe on your mortgage. And guess what? Recently, your equity has probably grown more than you think.